patients with vaginal complaints and possible infections.

During your first 5 weeks of clinical, you have probably had patients with vaginal complaints and possible infections. For this Assignment, you will choose three STIs (e.g., bacterial vaginosis, HPV, chlamydia, HIV, trichomoniasis). Then fill in the chart for all columns including presenting symptoms, physical findings, laboratory/diagnostic findings, and management or treatment. Do not leave any section blank.

Thoroughly outlined thepossible presenting symptoms of the 3 STD’s

Thoroughly discussed thepossible physical exam findings of the 3 STD’s

Provided a thorough list of labs and diagnostic tests to be performed with rationale.

Thoroughly listed pertinent medications or treatments needed with rationales.

Provided a thorough review of patient education needed and referrals for collaborative care and follow up.

When complete, upload your chart to the Dropbox.


Patient presenting symptoms

Physical findings on exam

Laboratory or diagnostic exams



Patient counseling


Referrals (if any)