1. What are the 3 reasons we still have a gender wage gap in the US? What role does comparable worth have in alleviating the gap? What specific positive effects would the elimination of the gap have on women’s lives?

2. What are the two types of sexual harassment; how has the EEOC helped change women’s lives regarding harassment? Do you have any experience with such workplace behavior, and how did you handle it?

3. Define the glass ceiling, glass escalator, and the glass precipice. 

4. What is the difference between reproductive labor and productive labor? Who does most of each in your current household? In the household in which you were raised?

5. Using 2 key concepts (which you will define), persuade your brother to begin to do his fair share of the housework in his marriage to his fully employed wife. Be sure you mention the positive effects his sharing the load will have on his marriage.

6. Define vertical and horizontal segregation.

7. How does the Lily Ledbetter Act improve upon previous legislation?

8. What key concepts, from this week or other weeks, are evident in this series from The Inquirer about workplace inequities in Philadelphia’s taxpayer funded workforce?

 9. Using one of our key concepts from this week, compose a response to President Trump’s selection of two white men to advise him on issues facing women in the workforce: