Pharmacology Discuss the components of pharmacology addressed in this module/week’s readings (Doweiko, 2015) and presentation. Discuss in detail the different classes of drugs, routes of absorption, and how such affects the high. How does what you’ve le

Grading Rubric this total of 75 points.

Content of Essay 50 points

·         Addressed everything in module essay topic

·         Readings and presentation were identified

·         Appropriate representation of readings and presentation

·         Appropriate introduction and conclusion to essay

·         Well-established thesis statement based on essay topic

·         Used empirical evidence to support thesis statement

·         Word count (600 words minimum) met

APA Format 15 points

·         Title Page in current APA format with running head in correct APA style

·         Font, level headings, margins are in correct APA Style

·         Citations properly used in all needed places and match reference list

·         If quotations are include, all APA requirements are met, not used unnecessarily/excessively.

·         Plagiarism free*

·         Reference Page is in current APA format

* Higher deduction and other consequences might be

applied for plagiarism.


10 points

·         Sentences: coherent, varied, complete, clear, and concise wording

·         Punctuation including proper use of comma, period, semicolon, etc.

·         Spelling and vocabulary: exemplifies profession writing,  precise, unambiguous, appropriate

·         Grammar: proper and consistent use of verb tense, noun-pronoun agreement, etc.

·         Paragraph: clear and contains one major idea

·         Clear transitions that maintain flow of thought

·         Other: