Argument from Consciousness/Mind (a.k.a. the “Noological Argument”)

nota bene: Remember to always write full paragraph answers.  Use shortquotes and cite (give page numbers) of our resources as much as possible.  Get us into the readings by using short quotes and page numbers. 

(1) In your own words, explain the metaphysical commitments of Naturalistic evolution and why most Naturalists (scientific atheists) do not believe that human organisms have any non-physical components (e.g. consciousness, minds, etc.)

(2) Give us one of the arguments for property dualism or substance dualism (arguments for non-physical/immaterial parts of humans). Cite the readings or PowerPoint.

(3) What do you make of this Argument from Consciousness? How powerful is it compared to other arguments? 

(4) If physicalism is true, humans would have to change many views about life that we believe in (but are actually false).  Discuss one of these: (a) no free will; (b) no good or evil; (c) no absolute continued existence through time (i.e. we are not the same people we were 5 seconds before or that we were in Kindergarten); (d) holding people responsible for crimes committed in the past are false; (e) etc. 

(5) Critical Comment and discussion question from Hammons’ document. 

(6) Tell us what you are going to do after we finish this class and before the next semester starts.