philosophy of education

In the essay you will describe your personal philosophyof education. Then you will point to three examples from the Ravitch and Hitch readings that align orconflict with your personal philosophy of education. Include the quotes from Ravitch and Hicks, anddescribe points of agreement or dissent. Provide examples of how you might demonstrate yourphilosophy through your instruction. Given what you are learning about the education system andreform efforts from Ravitch, what action can you take to make your personal impact on education asHicks attempted to do? Make sure this action aligns with our philosophy.While this is not a research paper, you should consider incorporating valid third source data to supportyour assertions. You will submit the essay in class. Please do not include a header with your name,but do include page numbers as a header or footer. Please affix a title page with your name as theLAST PAGE of your essay. If you choose to include outside references, a references page in APAformat is required. The essay should be 3-5 pages.