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xxxx, great post. I agree that as technology has grown so has the influence of the media. It is now that we can see it as it is happening, but most time we have someone “telling us” what is happening. I agree that the public is given information passed on through society’s filters. This can be dangerous depending on who is sending and releasing the information.

I also agree that our dress choices are influenced by the media, especially social media at this point. Some many other things are put out there and most time it’s a false image. It is sad that sometimes people build their lives upon social media and its “famous” people. It is sad that some people are not being themselves because they are following a lie on social media. As a people we must learn that it’s ok not to follow the masses and be ourselves, and not believe the lie that you are nothing if you don’t have the life, the job, and the things that is portrayed in the media.