Politics paper

Politics and Relations with the US. In the last paper, you will discuss your case study in regard to politics and foreign policy. Write two pages describing the country’s political system. For example, is it free, partly free, unfree? What are the major parties? Who dominates the government and how well is it run? How responsive is the government? How is it doing in terms of transparency and capacity? Freedom House and Transparency International reports will be helpful on this one.

In the other two pages, describe and analyze the country’s relationship with the US. Consider that relationship during the Cold War and since. How do they get along? Has that relationship changed over time? Why? What does the US need to understand about this country? How do its citizens view the US? (Hint: don’t rely just on US government sources for your research).

Use at least six sources in this paper. Four full pages (plus bibliography). Due 3/14