Propose a Change

In your initial discussion post this week present an argument that proposes one change to our electoral system. (Please note, it will not be acceptable to say you do not think any change should be made.)

Several possible changes to could be:

  • Eliminating the Electoral College
  • Instituting required Voter ID
  • Allowing felons to vote.
  • Mandatory voting.
  • Instituting an Election Day Holiday in which all Americans do not have to vote.
  • You may also get creative and come up with your own original change!

Just be sure to go beyond just stating what change you want to make, but present an argument for why we should make that change and how that change would improve our electoral system.

In your argument, do not use words like âfairâ or âgoodâ or âbetterâ or âequalâ â how do you measure what is or is not âfairâ? What if you and I have different definitions of what is or is not fair (these are not universal terms)?

75 – 150 words