Reading Response

Book: C.J Pascoe Dude, You’re a Fag, Masculinity and Sexuality in High School 

3 Pages, double-spaced. No quotes. Just answer the questions below. 

  1. Explain hegemonic masculinity and its connection to the fag discourse.

  2. How was hegemonic masculinity and the fag discourse made manifest in your high school? Were you subject to it either directly (by being expected to enact it) or indirectly (by being the target of it)? You will be analyzing your own experiences in light of course material. An analysis requires an application of the course material that leads to insights about your real life experiences. An insight should be a conclusion or realization that is illuminated through the application of concepts or theories. In other words, you are using sociological concepts to make sense of your life.

  3. How was the school as an institution implicated in either reproducing or challenging the fag discourse? How so?