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Respond to the following essay questions. Cite quoted material and other sources (MLA), pay attention to supportive detail, correct grammar, edified diction and thorough approach.

  1. How did the artists and intellectuals of the Renaissance reconcile the principles of humanism and other progressive philosophies of the Renaissance with the still-prevalent doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church?
  2. How was Humanism conveyed through the arts of the Renaissance? How did artists of the Renaissance reflect the spirit of humanism and interest in reviving Classical subjects and ideals?
  3. What techniques employed by the Renaissance artists helped to create a more realistic image or rendering? How did these techniques successfully contribute to the masterpieces we enjoy today?
  4. Summarize the symbolism found in Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.
  5. In what way is the Venetian Renaissance significantly different than the Florentine or Roman Renaissance? 
  6. Discuss the changing role of women within the Renaissance period with regards to Humanism.
  7. What is your opinion of the ‘Crash Course’ film available through the Content Link, would you agree with the statement, “…the Renaissance never happened?…” Why or Why not?