Report writing

You are to imagine that you are part of a junior engineering team assigned by the management of an engineering firm to produce a report discussing the implementation plan for a proposed project. You will need to do the following:

  • Select an engineering based project (either an existing one or one created by you).
  • Evaluate current industry best practices as they relate to organisational and project management in medium and large scale engineering enterprises.
  • Research new engineering and project management approaches and reflect critically on their significance to engineering practice.
  • Prepare the following:
  • Provide recommendations for this case study as informed by your research into industry best practice (in particular, using project management tools/processes)
  • Write a 15 to 20 page report addressed to the management of the Engineering firm according to the following structure:
  • A full scope (review the project charter document as a starting point)
  • A complete work breakdown structure (WBS) including cost and duration estimates for all work packages
  • A complete PERT chart with a clear indication of the critical path and possible slack/float times.
  • Executive Summary
  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Clear description of the project
  • Section 3: Analysis of charts
  • Section 4: Discussion of current industry best practices, and new engineering and project management approaches
  • Section 5: Conclusion and recommendations
  • Section 6: Challenges faced in producing the required information, strategies for overcoming the challenges and lessons learnt;
  • Section 7: Demonstrated competencies (outlined in the Stage 1 Competency Standards for Professional Engineers) you believe you have shown, and the extent to which you have demonstrated these in preparing this report
  • Reference list; and
  • Appendices that include the following deliverables: WBS, Gantt and PERT charts and scope/other documents used.

A Gantt chart identifying task interdependencies and milestones

See Appendix 3 for Assignment 2 Group Report Marking Rubric.