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Reading is an invaluable skill to have in our society. So much of our day to day lives requires reading. There are several components to reading that a successful reader will have acquired. One of those components- some may argue the most important component- is comprehension. Comprehension is one’s ability to understand something and when applied to reading, means one’s ability to understand what they read. When presented with the idea of developing reading comprehension, literacy instruction is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds. But teaching reading comprehension strategies for content areas is equally as important. Math instructions often requires students to read and decipher text describing real world issues, and these questions often ask students to justify or explain their answers. The same can be said for science. Social studies is another area which often involves reading lengthy passages. Furthermore, the text that is read in these areas is all expository or informational. Texts of this nature require students to use different comprehension strategies than they would for fiction and novels. Teaching our students reading comprehension strategies in content area classes will help to prepare them for college and, ultimately, their careers.