Routines for Literacy Learning

Read Chapter 4: Instructional Routines for Word Study and Fluency (pp. 41-57).  Some broad instructional goals are described on p. 42. After reading this chapter, create one or two of your own broad instructional goals in regard to reading instruction. Then, choose one of these options using your goals as a guiding framework:

  • Option 1: Select a grade level and create a Four Blocks lesson plan. Make sure to include all four blocks as identified on pp. 50-51. Design the Four Blocks around a specific text and/or topic. 
  • Option 2: Observe/interview a teacher or recall one of your own early literacy experiences and create a weekly schedule of a literacy block. Be specific. (See the chart on p. 51 for a general idea—your schedule will be more specific and focused on specific content.)