sociology homeworkhelp

1.      Using key themes from the course readings, you will write a critical reflection of your experiences of schooling and being schooled for each of the segments of study we have covered so far in class 

Select a third excerpt from resource. Analyze the situation using two concepts from the readings on class/poverty

Guidelines for Essays

1.      Review your resource for excerpts that you would like to analyze

2.      Begin each essay with an excerpt  (the excerpt should be italicized, distinct from the analytic commentary that will follow it).

3.      Critically examine your excerpt using at least two different concepts from the readings assigned in that section. Cite the reading(s) using APA or Chicago Styles, depending on your discipline.

4.    the commentary that follows your excerpt should at least 300 words, double-spaced. This is the equivalent of 1 to 1.5 typed pages, and does not include the italicized excerpt from your journal. We will not penalize for going over the length requirement, but don’t be excessive.  We will penalize for going under the length requirement.

5.      Please use in text citation to quote the articles you are referencing as follows:  (Author, p.___).