Sociology of Race and Ethic Relations

Two replies or critical comments to other students’ postings(Response below). These replies should have a minimum of 150 words each. Read each student posting and provide a critical comment for each one. No apa required, No reference, all in your own words.

Student 1

African Americans have dealt with circumstances that are beyond words in the United States. They have dealt with racism, prejudice, segregation, hatred, and have even been murdered because of their skin color.  These injustices are immoral. Unfortunately, racial conflicts have been associated with African Americans for centuries now. Even in this day and age, where people are more progressive, liberal, and generally more accepting than before, racism still occurs in various magnitudes. The criminal justice system is a contributing factor in racism against the African American community. African Americans are at times falsely accused of crimes they did not commit because of their skin color or where they come from.  According to research, African Americans are more likely to receive the death penalty for killing a white victim as opposed to a white person who murders a black victim. Research has indicated that this is so because, of preference in race within the criminal justice system. Studies by criminologists have shown that the race of the offender is not a major factor in deciding if he or she receives the death penalty but rather the race of the victim is the main factor. In various cases, prosecutors sought the death penalty for African American offenders who murdered a white victim, but in other cases where the victim was not white, the death penalty was sought after less. Geography is also considered a key factor on whether or not the death penalty is decided for an African American offender. These injustices have occurred for many years. African Americans have tried to find justice for centuries by creating and participating in riots, boycotts, and many other forms of protests against whites. The “Elaine Race riot” was one of the major riots in African American history. The Elaine tragedy was a horrid one. A meeting intended to receive better payment for their work resulted in an injustice and blood bath of sorts for the African American community.  It is estimated that over 200 African Americans were killed and only five whites. African Americans were murdered by whites because they were believed to have been plotting an uprising against the whites. Many were executed by mobs of whites who came from different states to control the supposed rebellion. Many African Americans were charged with different crimes that occurred in the riots. Many were executed because of their crime and many were sentenced to an unjust excessive amount of years in jail. The race riot in Elaine, was one of the most racist and immoral riots in history. African Americans have been oppressed for centuries. They have faced prejudice and injustice in many factors of society then and now.

Student 2

African Americans have suffered tremendous situations throughout United States history. From being slaves, to segregation, lynching , death penalties. There wasn’t justice for the black community then, and my perspective as things may not be as horrible than the history of these horrible events , history still somehow repeats itself. After reading “Study:Victim’s Race Influences Death Sentences”, by Stephan Manning , I’ve learned something that made me continue having the interpretation that African Americans still isn’t treated fair. The article stated “Black offenders who kill white victims are more likely to receive the death penalty in Maryland. It is said that geography plays a major role in whether a defendant faces a death sentence. What is geography ? According to Google bing, Geography is ” a field  of science devoted to the study of the lands features, the inhabitants and the Earth. Therefore the race of the defendant doesn’t matter supposes, but the race of of the victim does , especially if there white. This statement made me know for sure that the percentage of blacks most likely to be put to death is at a higher increase as a white defendant. This made me think that black lives still doesn’t matter as much as an white person. I’m not justifying that black defendant is any less wrong of committing a murder than whites, but if the government is going to put people on death sentences, let the chances be the same as if it was either a black or white defendant and a black or white victim. Better yet, let the defendants stay in jail and avoid the death penalty.

This article opened my eyes and made me realize the Black community won’t ever be treated the same. As a young African American this angered me so much, what made it worst was the 2 part videos of “The Elaine Tragedy”. The Elaine Tragedy occurred in October 1919 in the town of Arkansas and Phillips county. This accrued , because of the black community coming together as a union in order to try and sue their landlords for money owed to them for their crops and over charging at the store. The enemies were aware of the union and showed up to their church , fired shots and mistakenly killed a white man. This event lead up to the Elaine Tragedy. The Sheriff sent out Mississippians to ride around and kill every black person they saw.It was reported that 25 Blacks and 5 Whites died, but in reality  it was said over 200 Blacks were killed and thrown in the Mississippi River. All of these events the white people committed and guess who were blamed ? African Americans. Because “White men were killed, more blacks must die”. Hundreds were detained, 67 sent to prison and 12 men were trailed by an all white jury. A mob crowded outside and threatened if all men wasn’t sent to death penalty, they would personally lynch them. All men were charge with death penalty , until Jones a black lawyer came to their defense. At first they were died, but eventually the remaining men were set free.This video and article made me realize African Americans went through a lot of pain , suffering and death. Were treated unfair and still is being treated unfairly till this day in America.