Think about your life. You are more than likely a member of at least one group as well as one or two organizations. In fact, over the course of your life, you have probably belonged to a variety of groups and organizations of many different shapes and sizes. From these experiences, choose 1 group and 1 organization that you have been involved with. Describe each case, and be as descriptive as possible. Consider the following:

  • Was the group a dyad, tryad, or small group?
  • Was it a primary or secondary group?
  • For your organization, was it a large or small, was it a bureaucracy?
  • What were its goals, and what was your specific role within it? Be sure to include definitions in your descriptions.

Compare and contrast your experiences as a member of a group and as a member of an organization. Within each, talk about the relationship dynamics, your comfort level, feelings of belonging and attachment, expectations for conformity versus individual expression, and your impressions of how leadership worked. Answer the following questions:

  • How were these experiences a product of the group or the organization itself?
  • Which of the two experiences did you prefer and why?
  • Did it ever occur to you, prior to taking this class, that your personal experiences within groups or organizations were shaped by things like the group’s size or organizational characteristics?

Submit a paper of 3–4 pages that addresses the above questions.

Please cite the books that you will be using.

Make sure that your Individual Project includes references using APA standards.