Special-education assessment

Executive Functioning Online Assignment

Executive functioning involves many of the cognitive processes with which students with disabilities struggle. It impacts an individual’s ability to plan, organize, problem solve and manage time.

Jericho School District has compiled a handbook on executive functioning to help teachers working on these skills. This handbook provides an overview of different executive functioning skills, and how they present in an educational setting. The handbook is divided into elementary, middle and high school settings.

Take time to review this handbook. Then, review the initial evaluation report of Andrew, a high school student who has executive functioning deficits. Specifically, read the present educational levels from his teachers and the areas of need that are listed.

Identify 5 specific executive functioning deficits, and write one IEP goal for each area.

This assignment is worth 30 points, and should be submitted via drop box.


Identify and summarize five areas of need based on present levels (3 points each).

Write one IEP goal for each area (3 points each based on appropriateness and completeness of goal).