St Petersburg College IV DV EV Concepts Discussion

Module 3 Discussion 1Discussion Topic


Now it is time for you to apply the concepts.

Go back to your Problems posting forum in Module 1. Copy and paste your original or edited problem statement here! —–

Problem Statement :

Do executives that practice relaxation techniques for 30 minutes a day have less stress as measured by blood pressure readings compared to executives that do not practice relaxation techniques over a 3 month period?

Please POST your answers to each of the following questions:

  • What is/are your IVs?
  • What is/are your DVs?
  • Identify possible EVs that could impact your DV.
  • In order to increase the validity of your study, tell us how you would control your study to eliminate the impact of the EV s on your DV.
  • Please respond to at least one of your classmates by suggesting an additional EV that they may not have thought of.

Do not forget….be original; if your idea has been mentioned, think of another. There are generally an unlimited number of EVs due to the fact that we can never totally eliminate all things that might impact a relationship between variables.

This course is about recognizing and using evidence. So, in order to earn full points, you will need to support each of your postings with the appropriate evidence.

  • APA Format
  • Do not use quoted or copied material.