survey for sociology!!!!

Create and conduct a brief survey regarding an issue or topic of your choice related to sociology. Look at the chapter titles in the book for ideas. In your assignment summary paper, summarize your findings, draw conclusions regarding your research, and include a blank copy of the survey you created.

Step 1.

Choose a research question and conceptualize your variables

Step 2.

Consider how you will operationalize your IV and DV(E.g. I will measure respondent age in whole years; I will measure respondent political orientation with a likert scale of responses, ranging from strongly liberal to strongly conservative) 

Step 3.

Create your survey instrument using no fewer than 5 questions(e.g. 1 question per variable, plus other demographic questions) 

Step 4.

Collect data using your survey from a convenience sample of at least 25 people(Collect data yourself from respondents; do not hand out surveys and ask for returns) 

Step 5.

Write your assignment summary paper, summarizing your findings and discussing conclusions (Remember to include a blank copy of your survey at the end of your paper!!) 


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