UMUC WK3 Describe the Data/information that Flows Between Health Care Organizations Discussion

Discussion #1 for Week 3


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Topic: Describe the data/information that flows between health care organizations.

The Week 3 readings focus on data – data quality, data storage, and data records (EHRs). For your Stage 2 assignment, you will identify external organizations with which the Midtown Family Clinic needs to share data, identify what data elements will be shared, and whether the data is going to the external organization or is coming from the external organization. In this discussion, we will examine what interoperability (data sharing) is, why it is important, and why it is so difficult. First, you should conduct some research and find out what interoperability is and how it impacts or is used in health care systems. Then,to gain an understanding of the major challenges with sharing data go to:

GROUP 3: Using a rehabilitation facility as the organization,

  1. List three data elements (or items of information) that the rehab facility would need to receive with a patient referral [Review what others have posted and try to come up with some different data elements]
  2. List one unique (not previously listed by another respondent) data element that the rehab facility would need to provide to an external organization, and identify what type of organization that is and the purpose of the data sharing.
  3. Choose one aspect of interoperability that you found in your research and explain what an EHR system for the rehab facility would need to be able to do to exchange information with other organizations.

Part II-EVERYONE: This discussion focuses on what information and insights can be gained from data that is collected and shared. There are many tools that take vast arrays of data and create information in a form that helps us better understand what the data tells us. One group of tools are called data visualization tools. Visit the website below and select one of the methods of data display for a topic of interest to you. Explain how that particular display helps us understand the data better. If you can, it would be helpful to copy and paste the data display into your posting, or provide a link to it. (Be sure to cite your source correctly.)

Responses to others’ postings are encouraged, but not required.