When do I get my reflection paper back

Base on your answers to questions. Use it to write a paper with deep reflection. Due Date April 8, 2017. 2-3 page

1.      Were you raised in a single parent home? Yes

2.      Have you ever been discriminated from getting a job due to your color or race? NO

3.      Are you afraid of security officials because of your color? Yes

4.      Have you ever had an inheritance from loved ones? No

5.      Have you ever wondered where your meal will come from? Yes

6.      Is any of your parent a professional? E.g. doctor, lawyer, engineer? No

7.      Do you feel ashamed because of your looks? No

8.      Did any of your parents ever told you, you can come struggling life and make it life? Yes

9.      Have you ever been publicly assaulted base on your skin color or looks? No

10.  Are you afraid violence base on the neighborhood where you live? Yes

11.  Did any of your parent encourage you to go to college? Yes     

Using the prompts below, please submit your response. This is a private journal.

After completing the opportunity walk in class please reflect (deep thinking informed by discussions and readings) on the following questions:

1.      How did this exercise make you feel? Be descriptive.

2.      What have you learned from this experience? Be reflective.

3.      What can you do with this information in the future? Be progressive.

Please remember your thoughtfulness and connections to class readings and discussions affect your grade.