WK 2 Assignment – Self Genogram and Eco-map, sociology homework help


This assignment requires you to analyze and evaluate information about your own development and apply this information to your family and social networks. The Genogram and Ecomap assignment is an introspective analysis of family history and relationships and social networks.

This assignment will also connect to your next class where you will be exploring the theories and human development that encompass individual and family work.

This assignment may bring forth personal issues that you have not thought about or fully explored. If you experience difficulty processing information obtained from this assignment, feel free to reach out to the instructor.

Your Tasks:

In this assignment, you will draw a three-generational genogram (four generations if you have children) and a multi-systemic ecomap. The course textbook provides instructions on this and gives examples, please make sure you refer back to this textbook and the readings for more assistance.

Your genogram and ecomap can be created in one of two ways:

  1. You can physically draw them using paper, pen, pencil, etc., and then scan your page(s) to an image (JPG or PNG) format or PDF format. (Please keep your scanning resolution to 200dpi or less.)
  2. You can digitally create them using the Microsoft PowerPoint software (or an equivalent, such as Google Slides, which can export to PPT or PPTX format). If you choose this option, then you are encouraged to use shapes, lines (and various line styles), symbols, color, images and text notes.

With both options, you will need to upload your file to this assignment.

In addition to the genogram and ecomap, you must turn in a two-page paper discussing the cultural and historical context of your own individual and family development, your current social networks, and issues of self-awareness and ethics related to how your own developmental experiences might affect your social work practice with others. You may focus on topics that you feel comfortable exploring in relation to your family history, relationships, and social network. In short, reflect on what you have learned about yourself through this exercise.

The reflection paper portion of this assignment does not need to be written in APA format.

FAMILY DEVELOPMENT: African American descent

SOCIAL NETWORKS: work and other parents of high school age children