Write Each essay about the each Q (MEDIA) ASAP

Write Each essay about each Q (must be 300worlds) after reading the book(Gender, Race, and Class in Media 4edition), and watch the video. Please follow the instructor’s requirement in MEDIA STUDY

1, Essay 21: What is culture jamming?

Textbook #21: “Political Culture Jamming: The Dissident Humor of ‘The Daily Show With John Stewart’”


2, Essay 22: What does “camp” mean?

Textbook #22: “Educating ‘The Simpsons’: Teaching Queer Representations in Contemporary Visual Media”

3, Essay 31: What is commodity feminism?

Textbook #31: “Branding ‘Real’ Social Change in Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty”

**** google ”Dove Campaign For Real Beauty” and search images****

4, Essay 40: Why do male hip-hop artists have women acting like “bitches and hoes” in their videos?

Textbook #40: “There Are Bitches and Hoes”

5, Essay 44: As the US produces most of worldwide children’s programming, how could this negatively affect children? Hint: cultural imperialism…

Textbook #44: “The Future of Childhood in the Global Television Market”

6, Essay #56: What are some of the stereotypical traits of Asians that Wang shows are commonly presented on reality television?

Textbook #56: “A Shot at Half-Exposure: Asian Americans in Reality TV Shows”

7, Essay #57: How does Judge Judy treat those who do not “take responsibility for themselves?”

Textbook #57: “‘Take Responsibility for Yourself’: Judge Judy and the Neoliberal Citizen”


8, Essay 63: Why was Showtime’s show about lesbians “The L Word” criticized?

Textbook #63: “Showtime Thinks Therefore I Am: The Corporate Construction of ‘The Lesbian’ on Sho.Com’s The L Word Site”


9, Essay 69: How are immigrant Latinos labeled in a way that makes them seem like a threat to society?

Textbook #69 “The Latino Cyber-Moral Panic Process in the United States”


ADDITION_ WRITING Teaching Plan and Summary about Essay 44.