ZOOL1020 Saint Petersburg College MOD1 Lizard Evolution Virtual Laboratory

You will first Complete the lab (Links to an external site.) and be sure to add your name to the box that says “your name”. Save your progress (progress tab) as a PDF (see below). Then upload your results. You will not receive credit if your name is not included in the correct place. OR if you do not upload the file correctly.

Printing and PDF Files
Printing and printing to PDF are supported in this virtual lab. The Progress tab includes a print button so that you can document your lab progress and quiz results. To print other parts of the lab, including your data tables and graphs, be sure to turn on your browser’s “Print background colors and images” option (wording may vary) from the print dialog box or print settings.

Some browsers support printing to PDF files. Select the “Save as PDF” option (wording may vary) from your browser’s print dialog box and select a location to save it to your computer. You may then email and/or print the saved PDF file. See the Help

Link for above (https://media.hhmi.org/biointeractive/vlabs/lizard2/index.html)