discussion questions.

400 words.

When we talk about the prison system we call it the “corrections” system.  What does the term mean in this context and how has the prison system changed over time to live up to (or not live up to) this name?  The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics will have recidivism rates of released prisoners that will be useful for your response.  The sourcebook can be found at http://www.albany.edu/sourcebook/pdf/t652.pdf.

500 words.

Strategies of development can include exemplifying, narrating, describing, evaluating, defining, classifying, comparing-contrasting, and showing cause and effect. In ENG101 or in another composition I course, you may have written essays using those strategies. In this class you will continue to do so.

Reflect:  As a developing writer, it is important to continue employing and developing these modes to maximize the effect of your message. Think of a recent piece of writing, regardless of length, you produced at work or home, in which you used one or more of these calculated moves to achieve a desired effect.

Write:  For this post consider the following questions:

  • What strategy or combination of strategies of development do you remember using?
  • How or why did you choose the strategies of development?
  • What effect did they produce on your audience?
  • How do you know this effect was achieved?