Music Homework…..Album Review……Music Homework….DUE TOMORROW..READ BEFORE HANDSHAKE




Album Review Guidelines The following information will help guide you in writing your Album Review. (A printable version may be found in the Resources file). 1) ALL REPORTS MUST BE TYPED. Handwritten assignments will not be accepted. No exceptions. 2) ALL REPORTS MUST BE SUBMITTED INDIVIDUALLY. No “co-authored” reports will be accepted. Album Reviews that are too similar in writing styles will be viewed with the utmost suspicion, and the grading will reflect it. 3) If you want to quote something from a published source, make sure it is properly cited. 4) All Album Reviews must be on artists/bands from the time frame covered IN CLASS (1930-1990’s).  It can be any band/artist, but their carer must have started before 2000.  You may use their latest release if you wish. 
Album Review Format Album Review– Due Sunday April 16.  NOTE: You may submit your album reviews earlier than the dates indicated. If so, please make sure your report is labeled Album Review. Also, save a copy of it on your computer, just in case… Your Album Review (no longer than two pages) must include the following and either use standard essay format or follow the format below: 1. Make sure your name and student ID # are printed on your report. NAME: STUDENT ID# ALBUM TITLE NAME OF GROUP/PERFORMER: INSTRUMENTS OR VOCALS USED: NAME SOME OF THE SONGS/PIECES THAT ARE ON THE RECORDING Use a few examples to illustrate your points in the following sections.  If you are reviewing a “Concept Album” such as “Thick as a Brick” where there is only one piece, use relative time markings (five minute mark-does not have to be precise).  Also, indicate what influences are present in the performers style and compare/contrast that with performers and styles that preceded them.  Identify song formats (AABA, 12 bar blues), and describe the style the album fits into (Disco, Folk, New Wave). NAME SOME OF THE MUSICAL/PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES THAT WERE USED You must try to use some musical vocabulary here and explain the musical terms in the context of the recording. This can be a listing of musical or production techniques but you must explain the terms and how they were evident in the making of the album. This is where you will have to do some research on how they played, and how the album was recorded. WHAT WAS YOUR OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE RECORDING? WRITE A BRIEF SUMMARY OR DESCRIPTION. This assignment is not intended to be the quality of a review in a publication such as the Los Angeles Times. However, this assignment is about being an “engaged listener” and then attempting to put what you hear into musical terms, which is quite different from saying whether you liked it or not. Discuss the impact or significance the album had within the context of history, style and culture.  To a certain extent, some subjective observations will be made; for example, a piece might sound like a blues to you, even though in strictly musical terms that is not the case. All that is asked is that you try your best at grappling with the MUSIC, and not just reporting your own impressions.You must use an actual “album” not a mix of your favorite songs by an artist or band.  This does not mean you have to purchase a vinyl record (a CD or iTunes album will suffice).  What you are reporting on is a “snapshot” in an artist or band’s career.  You may not use a Greatest Hits compilation.  That is just another way for record companies to create revenue from an artist.

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