Sociology online midterm

Online exam for Sociology 1020, 100 points 

time limit: 45 minutes 

As you review for the Exam #1 would suggest that you read the “Chapter Review” section at the end of each chapter as well as the “Key Terms” listed.

I would pay particular attention to the following topics/concepts:

The sociological imagination

Basics of Functional, Conflict, Feminist, and Symbolic Interaction Theories

Key theorists: Marx, Durkheim, C. Wright Mills, Berger and Luckmann, and G.H. Mead

Subjective/Objective Concerns

Macro / Micro levels of analysis

Independent / dependent variables


The Scientific Method

Latent/Manifest Functions

Social stratification

Capitalism and Inequality

Poverty and Wealth (definitions and types of)

Race / ethnicity

ethnocentrism / racism / pluralism

assimilation / segregation

Sex / Gender

Sexism / Human Capital theory

Sexual orientation / Homophobia / Transgender

Gerontology / Ageism / Population Aging / Demography

Families: types of and definitions

Inequality and other issues within families

Education and educational trends

Manifest and Latent functions

Social Capital / Tracking 

How / If the major theoretical perspectives apply to each topic