What is the role of Cal-OSHA?

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Answer the following: for each Discussion and Initial response must be a minimum of 200 words or more. You must cite referenced answers with reading citations, with page numbers, parenthetical style (Author, Date: page#), and the source listed APA style at the end of the post.


Discussion 1

As a public health professional, you were asked to helped conduct an assessment to make a home environment safer.

1. Choose a client from one of the choices below:

1. Children under the age of >6

2. Senior

3. Veteran that are mobility challenged due to a limb amputation or partial blindness  

2. Please choose one of the attached checklist to do this.

o Mod3-12_HomeSafetyChecklist_VA_TBI – PDF Document (39 KB)

o CPSC_homesafety-checklist seniors – PDF Document (1 MB)

o safety-by-room checklist – PDF Document (366.9 KB)

3. What type of population and checklist did you choose?  

4. Give at least 2 examples of environmental modification you will do to make it safer for the type of population you chose.

 Discussion 2

1. Access: https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/citation.html

2. What is the role of Cal-OSHA?

3. Choose a citation from the list.

4. Share your thoughts about the citation that you chose.

Discussion 3

Access: http://enhs.umn.edu/current/6120/brain/prevention.html


1. Read the article.

2. Using the article as an example for the application of the Haddon Matrix,

3. Give an example of type of injury and injury prevention that you can apply the Haddon Matrix.


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